A combined Townsville Council, State Government, Commonweath and community base initiative to maintain and enhance
our healthy waterways in the coastal dry tropics.

Gotta love those supporting documents

Some of the documents that supported the development of the Black Ross Water Quality Improvement Plan and the backgound documents are available below.

Basins, Catchments and Receiving Waters main report sections:

1 ACTFR WQ Monitoring report 2006/07 wet season part 1 and part 2

2 ACTFR WQ Monitoring report 2007/08 wet season wq07/08

3 WQ condition report (.pdf 6.5 Mb)

4 An Integrated WQ Monitoring and Modelling Strategy for the Black Ross WQIP area

5 Riparian Condition report 1 and report 2: part 1 (.pdf 27.6 Mb !), part 2, part 3 (.pdf 15.3 Mb !) and part 4

6 ACTFR Sediment Monitoring report

7 Reefcheck Magnetic Island

8 Climate change and water quality

9 Groundwater information review

10 Community Based Education and Involvement CCI report

11 Legislation and Governance review

12 Report card Report (.pdf 3.1 Mb)

13 Socio-demographic Information (.pdf 2.4 Mb)

14 End of catchment loads modelling report [not yet uploaded] (pdf 25Mb)


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